Hair transplant scars

A Hair transplant is in growing demand though some people are often worried about getting permanent scars after the surgery. What are reasons to get scars? In traditional hair restoration method that Follicular unit transplant, a strip is taken from the back of the head that creates a long scar.

But the result of the scar totally depends on the surgeon’s skill, if donor site is closed properly with minimal tension, injury will be minimum. What suture or staple is using is a significant factor in determining the depth of the scar.

In FUE method hairs are extracted one by one directly from the scalp and placed into the recipient area. This technique leaves a linear scar. One can get a noticeable scar if FUE is done improperly. So, the technique is everything. In the case of a weak healer-patient scar may be excessive and takes a long time to heal. Often plug itself become a cause of injury as it leaves a round white scar.

Scar fixing procedure:

Scar revision and scar camouflage are two techniques to reduce hair transplant scar. Scar micro-pigmentation or SMP is used in the camouflage scar method. It is a scar concealment method that makes the scar less noticeable than they previously were. The level of camouflage depends on the injury itself, most of the clients experience a level of camouflage up to 70%.

Apart from this, there is laser based scar fixing technique like Fraxel repair system, which is designed to treat smaller scars or to flatten the skin and fade blemishes. It stimulates the production of collagen to reduce identity of a scar. Sometimes patients are recommended to have Fraxel repair system before going for SMP. hair transplant scarsLaser assisted scar fixing technique convert the scar texture more “skin like “. Follicular unit extraction with ARTAS and neo graft can camouflage the strip donor scars.

Though it improves the scar, still it is perceptible after shaving the hair completely. Scar revision techniques allow a surgeon to remove excess scar tissue. But this will work to a certain extent in reducing the size of the scar.

The success of scar revision depends largely on the patient’s scalp laxity. Hair restoration is popular all over the world. Many of the popular hair restoration clinics offer scar fixing depending on the variety of scar fixing techniques; costs differs.

Correcting Surgical Scarring

Some years ago, open surgery was the only option available, and so the hair transplant scars created after the completion of surgical procedures was huge. But, nowadays, with the advancement of medical technology, some of them are conducted as keyhole surgery without opening a larger part of the body. Even though, this method is presently available; it also creates scars. It is true that the mark will not be that much huge as it was in earlier days, but it will look like a small dot on the skin.

Even though, they are small; some people wish that they should be removed completely such that no one can identify that they underwent a surgical procedure. So, how to make scars disappear is their question and here is the answer for the same:

While hair restoration procedures have incredibly progressed in the course of the most recent couple of years, it is still common to see some unsightly hair transplant scars. Transplant scars can happen for various reasons, yet they likewise can be stayed away from or altogether lessened with the assistance of a decent doctor.

If you have as of now been a patient of another hair loss treatment facility, and you now have significant scarring on your scalp as a consequence of benefactor follicle joining or reading, you have to contact our group immediately.

Hair transplant scars can be noticeable with short hair or long hair, contingent upon the kind of scarring that happened. At times, scarring can bring about hair loss in the scarred zone, which totally undermines the hair restoration system

Not only for surgical marks, but this type of gel will be suitable for removing those that are created because of a cut or due to some other reason for that matter.

When you seek the help of dermatologists for getting rid of the problem, they will be making use of costly and painful techniques like completely removing the skin present in the affected area such that fresh skin without any marks will appear. But, these methods work out only for a few people. Also, when you do not seek the help of the right dermatologist, there are chances that you might face some other problems.

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