Platelet Rich Plasma therapy (prp)

PRP Therapy –  The Most Effective Hair Loss Treatment

The loss of hair has become a major concern for a lot of men and women nowadays. Whether it is as a result of stress, genetics, wrong hair-care or medical condition, there is a need for everyone to give it a deep thought. However, with the enormous advances in the field combined with enough research, different techniques have been devised that can help combat the condition without much difficult. PRP Platelet Rich Plasma has proved to offer great solution following the positive results of reversing hair loss.

Plate-Rich Plasma is a non-surgical and safe means to help in hair loss. So, if you are regularly having problems with your hair, especially problems related to hair loss and miniaturized growth of hair. When is it the right time to start thinking about Platelet Rich Plasma. People who experience thinning hair and the ones who have androgenic alopecia also called as male baldness as well as receding hairline along the temples are right to use the PRP. prpThe treatment for such problem needs a total of more than eight sittings, separated by a period of two weeks. While under such treatment, you may also need to take minoxidil and Propecia medications as well. You can also have your doctor to alternate between the stem cell therapy and PRP. The combination treatments of the above have proved to offer good results.

The PRP treatment is simple and not complex as you may think. It involves drawing out your blood and then centrifuging it to allow the plasma with platelets to collect in the tube. The plasma that is now full of platelets and growth factors is crucial for tissue regeneration as well as healing. It is then inoculated on the scalp, or you can rub it on the scalp after the performance of derma roller treatment in parts affected with hair loss.

What should you expect then?

After doing such a treatment, you should sit back and expect to see impressive results of a fuzzy hair during the fourth sitting. PRP treatment not only beneficial to hair growth but also strengthens the hair follicles. It is safe since it has no side effects. It only involves drawing out blood and some needle pricks. Other benefits that you shall experience with this procedure include:


Everything is natural
It is a non-surgical

It is entirely safe

There is no scarring

Reliable result

Has a quick recovery period

Who shouldn’t go for PRP?

Even though PRP offers great results to people who suffer from hair loss problem. Not everyone can go for it. Those who have no hair at all or somebody who has lost all hair cannot take this treatment since it cannot help with the growth of new hair on a bald patch.

If you were looking for the one stop solution for your hair loss treatment, PRP therapy is the perfect solution for you. By simply going through a non-surgical and natural treatment, you will be on the right path to restore your hair. PRP Hair Therapy is suitable for both men and women. It is an entirely natural, alternative medical technique for the treatment of hair thinning or hair loss

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