Laser Dome Treatment

Alopecia is a term for hair loss and is an emotionally distressing condition that has given rise to an entire industry dedicated to dealing with it either by trying to manage it, camouflage it or reverse it with laser dome treatment.

Statistics available show that people with various forms of alopecia in America spend over 3.5 billion dollars annually in an unfortunately unsuccessful attempt to treat hair loss as 99% of products being marketed ineffective in treating alopecia while others like Laser Dome treatment help.

The causes of alopecia range from simple and readily treatable to complex and irreversible, especially when caused by underlying hereditary or medical conditions with a prevalence of almost 1.5 billion people in the world experiencing a type of alopecia. The main types of documented alopecia include isolated baldness both men and women, alopecia areata, anagen effluvium, scarring alopecia and telogen effluvium while others are less commonly encountered.

The most common type of all those mentioned above is isolated baldness in men which affects almost half of all the male population in the world after hitting the age of 50. It, however, starts around the early thirties and becomes very noticeable by late thirties.

This type of hair loss, which is hereditary, begins with the hairline pulling back then the hair on the crown as well as the temples thins out. For female pattern baldness, however, only the hair at the crown thins out and is more noticeable once a woman has reached menopause.

The causes of female pattern baldness are unclear. A type of hair loss that affects young adults, as well as teenagers, is Alopecia areata that causes large coin-sized patches of baldness or the entire body.

Hair usually grows back but in some instances, people who have suffered from alopecia areata develop more serious forms of hair loss later in life such as alopecia total or alopecia universal. The condition is caused by an immune deficiency and may be more common in people with autoimmune diseases like diabetes or hyperthyroidism.

Hair loss associated with anagen effluvium, hair loss during the growing phase, and telogen effluvium, that manifests as hair shedding, are usually temporary caused by various factors. laser dome treatment

Anagen effluvium is commonly caused by cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiotherapy while telogen effluvium is caused by intense emotional or physical stress, hormonal changes, and dietary changes, medications like beta-blockers or anticoagulants and illnesses such as infections, cancer or liver cirrhosis. When these are dealt with, hair loss is reversed.

The hair loss treatment industry is making a killing off people seeing how common the condition is and how many people it affects. People are therefore advised only to buy products that have FDA approving or those recommended by the American Hair Loss Association.

The Laser Dome therapy has FDA clearing and has been shown to help in slowing down and finally stopping hair loss, enhancing re-growth through rejuvenation of hair cells and strengthening hair by doubling the hair follicle size.laser hair treatment los angeles

This new-age clinical strength treatment that not only promises to reverse follicle shrinkage in 18 to 26 weeks but also re-grow hair in 28 to 52 weeks when used twice weekly for 20 minutes is being lauded as the answer to hair loss. A hundred weeks of regular use will result in fuller thicker hair.

Before the development of this device, laser dome treatment clients had to go to specialized clinics for endless sessions for laser light therapy that has been shown to work in reversing hair loss and improving hair health.

Laser Dome therapy makes use of high-efficiency lasers that barely produce heat allowing maximum delivery of light. Users should use it for twenty minutes, twice every week and will start seeing results in 18 weeks.

The laser dome therapy, developed by a Californian firm, has 80 lasers and other convenient features such as proximity sensors to ensure accuracy and that the lasers are in the correct, desired position that is paramount. Other features like a battery, charging pins, built-in speaker and master switch, foam pads and soft rubber pegs provide added comfort and convenience.

This laser dome therapy helmet is the only one of its kind combining clinical-strength treatment with comfort and portability making it convenient and extremely easy to use as it is hand-free as well as proven effectiveness. It does not require a prescription to use and has been FDA-approved for safety that is just as important.

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